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Il Sole S.A. Success Case

Il Sole S.A. ( is a subsidiary of Panapesca, an Italian-based group leader in the marketing of seafood in Italy. The processing plant located in Mar del Plata is medium-sized, with 130 workers on one shift. It manufactures varied semi-processed seafood products. Food Service is its main market. It does not have its own fleet.

What we did

In 2010, we led the implementation of the Quality Management and Food Safety system based on the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 5 (GFSI). The Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 5 (BRC) forms part of a set of standards deemed equivalent by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), which are indispensable to market food products in the European supermarkets. The goal was to obtain the certification of the Quality System against the BRC Food 5 standard. The fisheries sector in Mar del Plata is not the most favorable scenario to achieve this so it demanded a huge commitment of the company to encourage suppliers and handlers to rise to the challenge. This certification would open new channels for the company to reach consumers that are usually inaccessible to other companies in Mar del Plata.

How we worked

We worked for a year and half with the implementation team interacting with all company sectors. Food Partners drafted the QMS documents surveying every process onsite. The heads of each area became involved in the project by aligning processes with the requirements set forth by the standard.

What we achieved

With a small administrative structure and a huge personal effort of all participants, Il Sole became the second Argentine fishery and the first fishery in Mar del Plata to obtain this certification. The goal was achieved with the highest rating. back