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We are an interdisciplinary team of professionals with proven experience and knowledge in each of our specific areas.

The staff of Food Partners is formed by veterinarians, food quality and safety specialists, food technology engineers, specialists in agricultural occupational health and safety, architects and marketing experts. We are also supported by a network of specially summoned professionals with which we have developed a large number of projects throughout more than 50 years of accumulated experience. This provides us with the flexibility to have specialized teams for the development and fulfillment of projects and the individual requirements of our clients.


Andrés E. Liñares - Director

Veterinarian (Buenos Aires University - UBA), Specialist in Food Safety and Quality (UBA)

He studied Project Management (ITBA 2005), holds a Degree in Quality Management (ITBA IPACE 2007) and Ontological Coaching (Newfield – Rafael Echeverría 2009). Member of the American Society for Quality, Association of Food and Drug Officials. Pro-entrepreneur 2011 (San Andres University).

He has been working as Safety Consultant in Argentina and around the world for over 16 years. During this time, his international efforts in the recycling of cannery industries stand out (IDB/Ecuador); he has conducted the HACCP Audit of the Indian-based Hyderabad egg product plant, and continues providing permanent advice to over 100 food processors in Argentina.

He has directed food projects for large, medium and small enterprises, and has trained more than 5000 workers in quality management systems.

He was full professor of Food Safety in the Nutrition Program at the Maimonides University (2007-2011).

A passionate tennis player, Andrés runs in adventure races and fancies golf. He is a keen reader of classic and Latin American writers.

Carolina Lerner - Director

Veterinarian (UBA), Specialist in Strategic Planning and Management (UBA)

Member of the American Association of Industrial Veterinarians. Pro-Entrepreneur 2011 (San Andrés University).

She studied animal nutrition in Kansas - USA.

After gaining vast experience as technical director and business manager in national and international animal feed and health companies, she founded Food Partners with Andrés Liñares.

She is an active participant in the meetings of animal feed regulatory agencies in Latin America and the Caribbean (Feedlatina – FAO).

She has collaborated with different mass and specialized journalistic media, addressing animal health and feed topics. She has also taught courses in nutrition in several educational institutions. She has been a teacher in the School of Veterinary Sciences (Buenos Aires University).

Carolina enjoys her family, practices martial arts and is an expert horsewoman. During her free time left, she avidly reads history novels.

Bárbara Boggan - Coordinator

Holds a degree in Industrial Food Technology (UADE).

She has been part of Food Partner’s staff since 2006.

Before joining our team, she gained part of her professional experience as a Microbiology Analyst in the Quality and Development Lab of Carrefour S.A.

She has taken courses in Project Management Methodology – based on PMI standards –, Planning for Implementing a Quality Management System IRAM-ISO 9001:2008, Good Agricultural Practices GLOBALGAP, and Rapid Methods in Food Microbiology. She has been trained as an Internal Auditor.

Bárbara plays tennis, enjoys family life, likes sunbathing, listening to music and eating delicious “asados”.

Luciana Maggioni - Customer Services Manager

Holds a degree in Marketing and Public Relations (UAA)

She has been part of Food Partner’s staff since 2011.

Before joining our team, she gained part of her professional experience in Citibank N.A., Telecom Personal, TAM Mercosur, among others.

She has taught at the university and has been a Marketing and Customer Services instructor for foreign companies.

Luciana also enjoys sailing and traveling. She likes spending time with her family, and eating sushi and seafood.

Liliana Genender - Consultant

Holds a degree in Industrial Food Technology (UADE).

Forms part of Food Partners’ staff since the beginning of 2015.

Before joining the company, she developed part of her professional experience in an industrial engineering consulting company, in a laboratory for food analysis of SENASA’s network, as implementer and responsible of management systems and quality control in food processing plants, she was teacher of the career in food technology in UADE and technical assistant of the Journal of the Argentina Chamber of Industry of sausages and others.

It is trainer of food handlers, certified by the Department of Hygiene and Food Safety of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and received training as Internal Auditor.

She has taken courses in: HACCP implementation; ISO 9000 and HACCP; Epidemiology of FBD’s; Microbiology for HACCP; GMP and SSOP; Introduction to ISO 17025; Implementation of safety standards and food quality ISO 22000; Control of pathogens: microbiological quality and food safety; HSE leadership; Management of non-conformities; Corrective and preventive actions; Introduction to Business Process Management.

Liliana enjoys walking with her dog in Palermo, listening to music and travelling.

Gustavo Bruni - Consultant

Veterinarian (UNRC- Córdoba)

He has been part of Food Partner’s staff since 2012.

He attended the Food Hygiene and Technology’s Master course at Concepción University, Chile (1995-1996) .

He has been working on Food Safety, Plants, training and education for over 20 years. His extensive work experience in Patagonia fishing companies also includes periods onboard. He was Quality Manager of Alpesca S.A., San Antonio West Plant, between 2005-2008.

He was a Bromatology professor at the UNRC (1998-2002). He participated in many conferences, workshops and courses related to food.

He enjoys swimming, both in the pool and in the sea, and ride the bike around the desertic surroundings of Puerto Madryn, reading, music and chatting with friends.

María Eugenia Santinelli - Consultant

Architect (UBA)

Realizó la Especialización en Higiene y Seguridad en el Trabajo Agrario en la Escuela para Graduados Alberto Soriano de la Universidad de Buenos Aires y la carrera  de Martillero Público en la Universidad Siglo XXI.

She specialized in Agricultural Occupational Health and Safety in the Graduate School Alberto Soriano of Buenos Aires University and pursued a career as a Public Auctioneer at Universidad Siglo XXI.

She grew up in a small town in the Province of Buenos Aires and when she finished high school, she came to Buenos Aires to study and graduated in 2001 as an Architect from Buenos Aires University.

She works as a freelancer so that she can enjoy her family as much as possible.

She likes studying and taking up new challenges.

Every summer she travels with her family to take pleasure in the sea.