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We offer a wide array of solutions for your company:

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We help our clients improve in the areas of our expertise by implementing the most suitable practices.

We collaborate in the design and management of systems and processes.

We add value to organizations by making them more efficient, inventive and successful in their trade.

Implementation of Food Safety Systems

The HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system has proven the most adequate to ensure the production of safe food; this means that it is the best tool to minimize food-borne diseases. Initially conceived to guarantee safe products to the crews of space expeditions, this system is widely spread in the worldwide food industry and is an essential requirement to gain access to the most demanding export markets. Being able to show our clients, the regulatory entities and health authorities the scientific evidence of HACCP through the success attained in the relevant verification audits, demands experience, dedication and knowledge at the time of developing, implementing and validating the system. The HACCP system is strictly based on massive implementation of and compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP) prerequisites. These systems and methodologies will be effective once they are introduced into the context of a cognitive process that leads to the assimilation of their principles as part of a company’s regular operation. Therefore, transformation from an external perspective applied to actual events by the consulting team has proven to enhance the implementation process of food safety systems. By implementing food safety systems, your company will:
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Increase consumer’s trust
  • Improve product performance
  • Reduce poor quality- related costs
  • Gain benefits in the relationship
  • with regulatory authorities
  • Open up the possibility of accessing export markets
We have considerable experience in the development and implementation of quality systems, internationally qualified professionals, and programs tailored to each industry.

Regulatory Issues

We offer our clients our expertise in the handling of and accommodation to the requirements issued by SENASA, SIF, UE and FDA. In conjunction with our clients, we produce strategic solutions and represent them before the health and regulatory authorities. Ford Partners provides the following services:
  • Product registration and maintenance
  • Consulting in food standards and legislation
  • Design of studies for product approval
  • Review of current dossiers
  • Drafting and presentation of dossiers for approval
  • Technical support for importers and exporters of food and food supplements
  • Interpretation of Argentine food-related legislation and advice for compliance
  • Advice on the approval of processing plants
  • We have a vast experience in the evaluation and accommodation of processing plants, both in Argentina and abroad, to the requirements set by different purchasing markets (SENASA - CAA - UE - FDA - USDA CODEX). In this sphere, we have offered our advice to companies that have successfully passed the most demanding international audits, from the European Union audits of 1998 to the FDA audit in 2000. We have also had our share in the defense of the systems against succeeding foreign missions like the ones conducted by the EU for fishery products in March 2005 and 2008. We have also gained considerable experience in territories as diverse as Ecuador and India, among others. In recent years, not only the requirements set out by the regulatory authorities have led companies to resort to consulting services, but also the audits of clients – among which are the major food traders in the world – have subjected processing plants to overall testing with increasing frequency. This is where our work allows the adjustment of the quality management infrastructure and systems to international standards.

Implementation of Certifiable Standards

We offer consulting services in the implementation of certifiable standards that comprise both GFSI standards (BRC - IFS - HACCP Dutch - SQF - FSSC), and ISO 22000 and 17025 standards, in addition to ISO 9000 and 14000 series.
Our consultants have vast academic and hands-on experience demonstrated through the different implementations that have been successfully certified.
Our work methodology consists in a complete involvement in the project and an unrelenting commitment to the work team responsible for the implementation, which we accompany and train throughout each stage, generating the synergy and leadership needed to achieve the goals set as and when due.

Projects for Establishing Processing Plants

We have considerable experience in the development of processing plant projects, collaborating with our clients from the layout and reforms to the application for final approval before the relevant agency. Our knowledge in different industries and our solid education in international standards and rules enable the completion of comprehensive projects that are highly regarded by different public and private entities.

Audit of Suppliers

We help companies independently evaluate their suppliers to appraise the compliance of the supply chain and its management. Based on established requirements, we define the screening and follow-up approach, which may conform to international standards and rules or to the company’s own demands. The result is to report on the supplier’s manufacturing and supply capability based on definite criteria and standards. The service may include the development of the supplier until it meets the agreed-upon requirements. The Audit of Suppliers becomes a tool that allows our clients to efficiently delegate the follow-up of suppliers’ compliance, thus reducing management costs.

Production Inspection

We provide inspection and certification services of product lots from the pre-shipment control of goods for export or pre-dispatch for the domestic market.

Development and Evaluation of Processes and Products

We have over 20 years of accumulated experience in the development of food products that enables us to offer a wide array of solutions with a comprehensive business approach. We offer technical, regulatory and operating advice for the development of products and manufacturing processes in line with the highest standards.

Own-brand Assurance

We help brand owners who outsource their manufacturing process develop and maintain a control system to guarantee the quality and safety of their products. To this end, we work in the planning and verification of manufacturing processes and draft condition monitoring reports for each site where food is produced.


The traceability of food products throughout their production and marketing chain is one of the essential requirements of any operator’s food safety plan. Also, traceability and recall are fundamental tools to guarantee efficiency faced with a potential incident that requires a product recall from the market. We advise our clients on the definition and implementation of adequate traceability tools that allow them to meet regulatory requirements as well as the Chains of Custody of private certification schemes (MSC) or international standards ((ISO 12875). We study each particular case to offer the best solution, from systems wholly developed in black and white to sophisticated electronic systems integrated into the value chain that allow for an accurate and efficient follow-up along the supply chain at any given time.

Hygiene and Sanitary Control Services

The verification of sanitary systems and the overall condition of facilities by organizations alien to the food manufacturer is an efficient approach to food risk control. Our team of analysts conducts visits to the plant, collects information, takes samples for lab testing and issues rapid reports by applying a custom-made program. Rapid reports allow for making immediate changes in controversial areas to restore the operation to a pre-established hygiene level. In this way, the manufacturer has a valuable tool for the hygiene and sanitary control of its facilities at a balanced cost.


We provide top-quality professional training to large, medium or small enterprises. We can offer standard or tailored, public or in-company courses. Our coaches have vast theoretical and practical experience in their area of specialty. Each course is organized to offer the highest level of instruction, optimizing attendee's time and client's productivity.

Project Management

We provide advice on the management of projects at any stage in line with the methodology used by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Services may include:
  • Implementation of the project office
  • Training and instruction of the project team
  • Planning, follow-up and reporting
Our consultants have professional training, vast market experience and proficiency both in project management and direction.

Crisis Management

We advise our clients on the detection and prevention of potentially hazardous situations, documenting procedures and surveillance mechanisms. We also propose contingency actions suitable for each company that allow for minimizing the adverse effects of a potential incident affecting food safety and brand protection.

In conjunction with our clients, we produce strategic solutions and represent them before the health and regulatory authorities.

FOOD PARTNERS provides the following services:

  • Regulatory issues
    • Advice on and application for approval of processing plants
    • Product registration
    • Consulting on food legislation. Interpretation of Argentine food-related legislation and advice for compliance
    • Management and conformity with national and international requirements (SENASA, CAA, USDA, CODEX, SIF, UE and FDA).
  • Development and implementation of Quality Management and Food Safety Systems
  • Quality Management Outsourcing
  • Development, assessment and monitoring of processes and products
  • Projects for establishing processing plants
  • Design of internal audits
  • Audit of suppliers
  • Own-brand assurance
  • Technical support to importers and exporters of food and food supplements
  • Training in Food Safety
  • Technical drafting of studies for publication in scientific journals
  • Traceability