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We offer a wide array of solutions for your company:

Consulting[ more info... ]

We help our clients improve in the areas of our expertise by implementing the most suitable practices.

We collaborate in the design and management of systems and processes.

We add value to organizations by making them more efficient, inventive and successful in their trade.

Management[ more info... ]

We carry out projects and processes that add value and cut down costs.

Our clients entrust us with the management of their regulatory issues, quality assurance and product development departments.

Training[ more info... ]

We provide top-quality professional training to large, medium or small enterprises. We can offer standard or tailored, public or in-company courses.

Our coaches have vast theoretical and practical experience in their area of specialty.

Each course is organized to offer the highest level of instruction, optimizing attendee’s time and client’s productivity. Our main training programs cover areas relating to quality and food safety.

In conjunction with our clients, we produce strategic solutions and represent them before the health and regulatory authorities.

FOOD PARTNERS provides the following services:

  • Regulatory issues
    • Advice on and application for approval of processing plants
    • Product registration
    • Consulting on food legislation. Interpretation of Argentine food-related legislation and advice for compliance
    • Management and conformity with national and international requirements (SENASA, CAA, USDA, CODEX, SIF, UE and FDA).
  • Development and implementation of Quality Management and Food Safety Systems
  • Quality Management Outsourcing
  • Development, assessment and monitoring of processes and products
  • Projects for establishing processing plants
  • Design of internal audits
  • Audit of suppliers
  • Own-brand assurance
  • Technical support to importers and exporters of food and food supplements
  • Training in Food Safety
  • Technical drafting of studies for publication in scientific journals
  • Traceability